Egg Harbor Marina recertifies as a Wisconsin Clean Marina

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin – Egg Harbor Marina in Door County has recertified as a Wisconsin Clean Marina, one of three certified marinas in the area.

In Egg Harbor, going green is a top priority, and partaking in the Clean Marina program accents that mission. “Maintaining Clean Marina certification ties in perfectly with our Green Tier mission to make Egg Harbor a leading, sustainable community in both Door County and the state of Wisconsin,” said Ali Gibbs, Egg Harbor Marina general manager. The marina has implemented various best management practices including a fishing line recycling bin, bioswale and using fuel bibs to prevent fuel from entering the water.

“Egg Harbor takes pride in creating a safe but fun marina for all to enjoy,” said Theresa Qualls, Wisconsin Clean Marina Program coordinator. “Egg Harbor Marina has been certified since 2011, and that type of commitment and dedication to the program is great to see and should be commended.”

Besides taking strides toward sustainability, the marina also boasts amazing scenery and friendly staff. “My favorite aspect of the marina is the natural beauty and the opportunity we have to meet people from all over the country,” said Gibbs.

Marinas, related industries and services contribute more than $2.7 billion to Wisconsin’s economy. Through the Wisconsin Clean Marina Program, marinas will prevent pollution and protect fish, wildlife and public health. They know that clean water is important to boaters and Wisconsin’s coastal communities.

The Wisconsin Clean Marina Program was launched in 2010, and 21 Wisconsin marinas have since taken steps to voluntarily adopt practices to become certified. The Wisconsin Clean Marina Program is administered by the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Program in partnership with the Wisconsin Marine Association, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Fund for Lake Michigan.

For more information:

Theresa Qualls, Wisconsin Clean Marina Program, (920) 465-5031, [email protected]