Kewaunee Marina Certified as a Wisconsin Clean Marina

Joining a growing list of Lake Michigan clean marinas, Kewaunee Marina, a full-service marina within the city’s deepwater harbor, is the newest addition to the program. Along with certification, the marina and city of Kewaunee showcase a commitment to cleaner waterways. 

Staff at the marina overcame a number of obstacles on their journey to certification, but never lost sight of the goal and why certification was important to the marina. “By becoming a part of the program, we are volunteering to protect the environment on water as well as on land,” said Kewaunee Marina Manager Augie Kinjerski. “With clean marina certification, we are able to learn the best practices and educate the boaters properly.”

Kewaunee Marina has strong ties to the community and is a staple presence in the area. The marina is within walking distance to many businesses and attractions and serves as an important launching point for Lake Michigan anglers. With clean marina certification, the emphasis on community continues to show.

“The Kewaunee Marina and staff should be congratulated on their clean marina certification! Augie and staff worked extremely hard implementing practices, such as clean fueling practices, posting signage on best boating practices and installing fishing line recycling containers at the marina. Their commitment to the program will help protect Lake Michigan’s water quality for their boaters to enjoy,” said Theresa Qualls, Wisconsin Clean Marina Program coordinator. 

Marinas, related industries and services contribute more than $2.7 billion to Wisconsin’s economy. Through the Wisconsin Clean Marina Program, marinas will prevent pollution and protect fish, wildlife and public health. They know that clean water is important to boaters and Wisconsin’s coastal communities. 

The Wisconsin Clean Marina Program was launched in 2010, and 23 Wisconsin marinas have since taken steps to voluntarily adopt practices to become certified. The Wisconsin Clean Marina Program is administered by the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Program in partnership with the Wisconsin Marine Association, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Fund for Lake Michigan. 

For more information:

Theresa Qualls, Wisconsin Clean Marina Program, (920) 465-5031, [email protected]